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carrollton jobsfinance analyst, business systems analyst, junior business analyst, security engineer, commissioning engineer, senior accountant, warehouse supervisor, logistics coordinator, investment banking analyst,  nurse, payroll clerk, assistant controller, mechanical technician, hr administrator, outreach worker, hr officer, accounts payable clerk, actuarial analyst, treasury analyst, product marketing manager, logistics analyst,human resources generalist, full charge bookkeeper, senior account manager, qa analyst, hr coordinator, compliance analyst, mailroom clerk, loss prevention manager, accounts receivable clerk, senior financial analyst, residential counselor, store assistant, desktop support engineer, junior programmer, assistant quantity surveyor, senior sales, restaurant supervisor, warranty administrator, clinical data coordinator, senior auditor, warehouse duties, underwriting assistant, claims handler, therapy assistant.

Sorry if I missed you out!!! But you get the idea RIGHT?

But before we focus on Carrollton itself let’s look at some other pointers as you may be thinking about going it alone, setting up your own business.

Why Small Organizations Mean Big Business”

In the  movie “You’ve Got Mail”, the sub-plot aside from the love angle is that the heroine (played by Meg Ryan)  was forced out of business when the big-time bookstore owner (played by Tom Hanks) moved into town.

Meg’s character owned a quaint little bookstore which she inherited from her mother. Although the prices of her books were a little steep, she makes up for it in service. She packs the books in a specialized bag, and she knows all of her customers by name.

Tom’s character, on the other hand, moved into town to build a branch of a big chain-bookstore which offered discounted prices and a huge building, as compared to Meg’s little bookshop on one corner of the town’s streets.

In the end, Meg was forced out of business because her customers went to Tom’s monstrous bookshop.
Nowadays, this situation will not hold true anymore.

More and more small organizations are paving the way and giving big businesses a shot of their own medicine.

In the movie, the reason why Meg Ryan was forced out of business is because she cannot profit anymore. Her prices are steep as compared to the other big business’ discounted rates.

Her only edge is that she gives personal service, she knows her customers by name and she has a very small staff, about 2 or 3 employees.

As a small organization you may turn around and have these qualities as your edge to compete against the big sharks in business.

Here are some tips on how you can hold your own against a big business:

1. Small businesses have big competition.

This means that you need to know how to survive out there.

No matter what nature of business you have, it is better to learn about the competition so that you will be able to survive.

Here are some tips on how you can survive the big competition:

a) Keep your business alive.

When it seems as if your cash flow is in a downward slope, keep a tight rein on your budget.

Do not spend on unnecessary business purchases and always balance your books.

If you are one to buy on impulse or if you are the type to listen to those who sweet-talk you into purchasing “necessary” items, control yourself.

Get a second and third opinion if possible, as these impulsive buys may lead to the end of your small organization.

b) Do not be afraid to seek professional help.

The fall of most small businesses start with decisions on problems which are not carefully analyzed.

Although you think that you already have a contingency plan, make sure that you have foreseen the results of a certain business decision.

In the long run, it is better to seek professional help rather than embark on a plan that could start the downfall of your business.

c) Keep your books straight.

The better option is for you to hire a professional outside accountant to figure the returns of your investment and handle the other financial aspects of your business.

d) Take advantage of free business counseling whenever available.

This does not just help widen your knowledge, but it will also give you an idea of how other businesses are ran by small-scale owners.

e) Know exactly where your business is headed.

In your day-to-day operation, make sure that you know where you want your company to be 5 or 10 years from now.

Be always aware of the trends in the industry that you are in, practice good money management and learn how to recognize potential problems before they arise.

2. Learn how to market your small organization.

Marketing is not about trying to sell your products and services to everyone.

carrollton jobsIt is about knowing who to market your products to.

In marketing, it is good to remember these fast facts:

a) Know about your customers.

b) Communicate with your customers.

c) Build a good and personalized relationship with your customers.

This will be a great edge for you to have against the bigger companies.

They might offer discounted prices but it is harder for them to keep track of customers on a more personal basis.

d) Do not stop the marketing process.

As a small organization, you need to routinely review the markets that you need to pursue so that you can better reach out to your customers.

Remember, small organizations are big businesses these days so do not be afraid to work hard for the company that you have – not matter how small.

If you work hard, make wise business decisions, learn how to market your small business and personalize your customer interaction, your small-scale business is sure to rise to the top.

Carrollton Jobs

Carrollton, Georgia

Carrollton is a city in Carroll County, Georgia, United States. The population was 19,843 at the 2000 Census. Census Estimates of 2005 indicate a population of 21,837. The city is the county seat of Carroll County. The Sacred Harp Publishing Company and Sacred Harp Museum are located in Carrollton. Carrollton is also the home of the University of West Georgia.

Carrollton Companies

The most popular companies with Carrollton jobs are:

Best Buy Research Company Who Do I Know? Find People
Staples Research Company Who Do I Know? Find People
Piedmont Healthcare Research Company Who Do I Know? Find People
Medical Connections Research Company Who Do I Know? Find People
Amedisys Research Company Who Do I Know? Find People
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Carrollton Careers

Among the most common occupations in Carrollton are Management, professional, and related occupations, 29%. Sales and office occupations, 25%. and Service occupations, 17%. Approximately 72 percent of workers in Carrollton, Georgia work for companies, 17 percent work for the government and 4 percent are self-employed.

Popular Carrollton Jobs

Currently, the most commonly listed Carrollton Jobs are for physical therapist jobs, physical therapy jobs, occupational therapy jobs, occupational therapist jobs, cashier jobs and physical therapy assistant jobs.

Carrollton Industries

The leading industries in Carrollton, Georgia are Educational, health and social services, 22%; Manufacturing, 16%; and Retail trade, 14%. Simply Hired’s Carrollton job listings indicate that the following industries in Carrollton are hiring the most workers: Clinics & Outpatient Services, Outpatient Surgery Centers, Trauma Centers, Home Health Care and Catering Services.

Carrollton Job Salaries

According to government data, the average salary for jobs in Carrollton, Georgia is $26,912, and the median income of households in Carrollton was $27,559.

Carrollton salary


Carrollton Unemployment Rate

Carrollton has an unemployment rate of 6.8%, compared the nationalaverage of 5.8%.

According to our Carrollton Trends data, the number of Carrollton, Georgia jobs has decreased by 25% since February 2009.

Now where will we Look?

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